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The Daily Dose Of Information – Episode 4 (The Stadium #2)

In The Stadium on July 5, 2008 at 1:30 am

The Daily Dose Of Information – Episode 4
Topic: Sports
Date: 4th July, 2008

Hello and welcome to another episode of “The Daily Dose Of Information”. Today’s episode is another one on sports and it is episode 4. It was a hard choice between movies (cause 2 big movies have released and more to release soon) or sports (because Wimbledon is almost over and Tour De France is starting). So I have chosen sports and I will give you sports..

I hope you all had enough time to get over the brilliant Euro 08 tournament and are now entirely focused on the entertaining Wimbledon matches. So… there are three major stories for you here and then I will get to the side news as well.

So I will start with the first of the three major stories right after this…

As you all know… the finalist for both the Men’s and Woman’s have been finalized. The Woman’s final is tomorrow (or today at the time of posting and your reading) or if you want a date then 5th July, 2008. The Men’s final is a day later. Well there are only four matches which are really important. That is the men’s singles and doubles finals and the woman’s singles and doubles final.

Tomorrow (Saturday 5th July) will witness three of those four matches.

The Ladies’ final first up at 2:00PM and after that the Gentleman’s Final and finally will be the Ladies’ Doubles Final will be up.

Sunday (6th Of July) will witness the fourth and final important match over the weekend.

It will be the Men’s Final at 2:00 PM (If I am right).

So… lets discuss these matches and what may happen in these matches. Will they be interesting? One-sided? A fight to the end? Both players giving their 100%?

Lets start off with the woman’s final. It is being played between the Williams Sisters for the third time at SW19 (Wimbledon). They have met twice before in the final’s of the Wimbledon tournament.
This is going to be an interesting duel and in my opinion Venus is going to come out firing and she is going to end up winning.
Venus for me has the ability to pull her game up match after match and I feel that Serena is tiring. If you saw the semi-finals… then you will know what happened to Serena Williams in the second set. If it was not for the rain delay then she would have lost that. As for Venus… well she blazed through her match.

Next match up is the Gentleman’s Doubles Final. It is going to be played between Jonas Bjorkman (SWE) [8] / Kevin Ullyett (ZIM) [8] vs Daniel Nestor (CAN) [2] / Nenad Zimonjic (SRB) [2]
I don’t know much about doubles but Daniel Nestor is one of the best and he and his partner can be devastating at times and can steamroll their opponents. So I am going for them to come up on top and lift the trophy.

The last major match on Saturday is the Ladies’ Doubles Final which is going to be played between Lisa Raymond (USA) [16] / Samantha Stosur (AUS) [16] vs Serena Williams (USA) [11] / Venus Williams (USA) [11]

Can the Williams sisters win? No. For one simple reason. They will be tired out after their singles final and the other pair will have rest advantage. Even though the Williams sisters can play all day long, I can think the heat and tiredness will get to them and they will lose.

Now, we come to the last match of all major finals. The Gentleman’s Singles Final which is too be played on Sunday. It is a match which will see the World Number 1 face the World Number 2. Roger Federer (SWI) [1] vs Rafael Nadal (SPA) [2].
Can Roger Federer win his sixth consecutive Wimbledon title? Yes, of course he can. He has the finesse and the class to take him through. Nadal does not have what it takes to win on grass even though he muscled his way pretty easily into the final.

That’s all for your round up of the major finals taking place at the SW19 this year.
Before I sign off… here are some pictures of this years Wimbledon Championships.

Wimbledon Logo

Wimbledon Logo

Marat Safin frustrated!

World Number 2 Rafael Nadal

Maria Sharapova! Nothing else to say.

Russian brilliance once again!

Great Britain’s Number 1 – Andy Murray.

To finish off with. Who else than the World Number 1 player of Swiss origin – Roger Federer!

That is all for another episode of The Daily Dose Of Information. Sports takes up so much time of ones life. Either to play it or to follow it passionately. Well, it is fun and entertaining for those of us who devote so much time to it. I hope you all have a great weekend ahead and enjoy the Wimbledon finals thoroughly. There are going to be some great matches and possibly some going right down to the wire.

So goodbye to you all and we will meet next time for another episode of “The Daily Dose Of Information.”

This is your host for the day, Sahil Bhalla, saying Goodbye, Good Night (Or Good Morning – depending on your region). Have a greta day ahead and a great weekend.

  1. Who are you supporting in the Tour De France?

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