Sahil Bhalla


A little introduction about myself;

  1. Name: Sahil Bhalla
  2. Age: 16
  3. Residence: New Delhi, India
  4. Interests: Almost anything interests me. My favorite interests though are, Sports, Music and Movies, Traveling and Food. I also love watching TV Shows.

About the show;

This is going to be like a show. It is not exactly like a show but hey!
The Daily Dose Of Information is essentially your gateway to the useless, important, funny, ridiculous, sorry and latest state of things and happenings all around the world.
In each episode there will be a certain topic upon which articles, videos, images and what not will be posted from all around the web.

A few more things;

If you would like to make a comment or send feedback or provide valuable suggestions then do send me an email to;
Or alternatively you can make a comment right from this site as well

  1. You are a credit to this dull wordpress where wordpress adds to my dull surroundings. lol-true

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